Co-browsing and live sessions

What is co-browsing

Co-browsing (or collaborative browsing) allows customer support agents to access, view and interact with their customer’s web browser in real-time (more specifically, the tab in which the end-user is currently browsing).

Co-browsing is increasingly used by support teams alongside a phone call, a chat session, or email conversation to provide timely, personalized service in real-time and across multiple support channels.

Learn more about the difference between co-browsing and screensharing.

How it works

Unlike other visual engagement technologies such as screensharing and web conferencing, co-browsing enables the support agents to start a live session with a customer without downloading and installing anything.

Once the SessionStack snippet has been integrated into your web application (see instructions on how to install SessionStack), the co-browsing functionality becomes available out-of-the-box; no additional steps required.

To get started, watch this short video: