User Management Dashboard

Manage teammates to a single project / multiple projects


The User Management Dashboard helps you with:

  1. invite easily your teammate to a single project or multiple projects from the same place;
  2. track who has joined your projects;
  3. edit the access of the users to projects (exclude and/or include users from projects)
  4. edit the list of projects for invited team collaborators who haven’t still joined the Sessionstack app;
  5. track the total number of used seats in the organization, regardless of the joined projects.

How to use

Step1: Go to User Management Dashboard. It is a sub-section in your Account section


Step 1.1 Press the icon for your "Account" settings


Step1.2: Select "User Management" dashboard

Step2: Press the button "Invite co-worker" in the top right corner.


Step 2.1: Hit the blue button


Step 2.2: After pressing the button, a pop-up is opened

Step 3: Define all mandatory fields: Email + at least one project and hit the "Confirm" button.


Step 3.1: Define Email & at least one project

Once the "Confirm" button is pressed, then an email invitation is sent to the mailbox of your co-worker. . The email looks similar to the one shown below. In order to finalize the registration, press the button in blue and follow the instruction for registration.


Step 3.2: Your teammate's email invitation

Step 4: Track the status of the invitation - check the shown value in Status Field. On the image below, the invited teammate is still in Pending status. Once the user has accepted the invitation and is registered successfully, the status is changed to Participating


Step 4.1: The user is invited and still not registered to SessionStack

Participating User - the user is successfully registered to the platform.


Step 4.2: The user is invited and has successfully registered

Track the used seats from your pricing plan. In case you need more, follow the link "Get more seats"


Step 4.3: Count of used seats vs all seats inside the organization

Step 5: Edit the invited user.
Even before your coworker joins the SessionStack app, you can quickly make changes to the list of projects that you want them to participate in.


Step 5.1: Click on the "Pencil" icon to edit the invitation

Edit/review the list of projects. The email cannot be changed.


Step5.2: After pressing the "Pencil" icon, a popup is opened

NB! At least one project should be selected. You can add/remove projects for your invited teammates & already registered teammates. Once the changes are done, hit the "Confirm" button.


Step 5.3: Select more projects/ remove previously selected

Review the most recent list of projects, that the user has been assigned.


Step 5.4: The grid shows the actual list of projects for the team collaborators

Step 6: Delete a teammate's seat
When your company no longer employs your coworker, their seat can be removed from the organization by the "Delete" option in the grid. Once the button is pressed, confirm your choice by pressing the "Delete" button.


Step 6.1: Delete a teammate's account

Press the "Delete" to confirm OR press the "X" to cancel the action.


Step 6.2: Press the "Delete" button


Keep in mind! Users who are logged in are unable to delete their own accounts. To perform this action, you must log in with another account or a teammate from your organization.