User Input

Event Filter

User input is one of our main event filters. The event filter can be used in both main dashboards - Segments and Funnels. It can be configured with any of the four options shown below.

'User Input' with options

'User Input' with options

Option 'CSS Selector'

To find all users who enter anything in an input field on your website. For the second radio option ‘CSS selector’ and type the string for the field.

Consider the following scenario: you want to look up all users who have searched for a hotel on your booking site. In this situation, copy the search bar's CSS selector and put it into the filter option. Learn how to find and pick the CSS selector for any element on your website. Once you've defined a value for the ‘User Input’ filter, you'll be able to retrieve all users searching for a hotel.

Options 'Text is' and 'Text contains'

To find all users who have entered a specific input in an input field on your website. Use the third radio option ‘Text is’ or the fourth option ‘Text contains’ and enter the specific input.

Consider this: you know that the most famous hotel on your platform is "XYZ." But you have no idea who the users searching for this hotel are - whether they are using mobile devices or not, whether they are from a specific region, whether they are using a specific browser and version, what they are doing before and after the search, how frequently they visit your website log into your platform. Use the new filter ‘User Input’ with the option ‘Text is’ as shown below and you can get the answers to these questions in no time by filtering all users with the relevant sessions.


The option 'Text is' is a full match: you must know exactly what your user has entered in the field.

'User Input' with option 'Text is' (full match)

'User Input' with option 'Text is' (full match)

Consider the following scenario: you own an e-commerce site. You release various marketing campaigns with discount vouchers: {15OFFCmpSpr; 25OFFCmpSum; 30OFFCmpXmas }. You need to find all users who used such a voucher to make a purchase rather than a subset of users who used a voucher from a specific marketing campaign. In this scenario, select the 'Text contains' radio button and enter the common string for all coupons. Check out the image below.

'User Input' with option 'Text contains' (partial match)

'User Input' with option 'Text contains' (partial match)

Option 'Anything'

Find users who have interacted with an input field or a search bar and you have no idea what they have typed or with which particular field they have engaged. In this case, use our first option ‘Anything’

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