PII and Sensitive Data

SessionStack provides you with the ability to block any Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Data in the UI

Using our Sensitive Data blocking feature, you can provide us with a list of CSS rules and tell us which data you want to be ignored from SessionStack. Data, marked as sensitive won't even leave the browsers of your users.
Such data can be directly in your HTML or it can be entered by the users from an input field.
All passwords fields, by default, are completely ignored by SessionStack.

Debug Data

Many times, you are logging PII data in the console of the browser for debugging purposes. By default, SessionStack captures such data to give you more debugging context. In case you want to exclude it, you can do this through our Data Collection feature.


SessionStack captures network requests to help you understand issues better. In case you don't want SessionStack to automatically collect such data, you can disable it through our Data Collection feature.


SessionStack automatically captures unhandled exceptions, along with their stack traces. If you believe, you might have PII data that you don't want us to handle, you can configure it in out Data Collection feature.